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Nefarious Meditation

Minting Ended. 'Nefarious Meditation' is an exploration of color and movement. This p5.js artwork features an animated visual of evolving gradients from a vivid palette in a grid. It draws viewers into a meditative experience intended to create a flow 'child-like' state, fostering awareness of the present moment and embracing whatever arises.

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Sold out. "In every human encounter, we carry the potential to catalyze evolution. Through the alchemical journey of the soul, we transcend—from pain to power, wounds to wisdom, death to rebirth, hate to love, lost to discovery."

'Resonance', a generative art collection created with p5.js, dives deep into the nexus of artistic expression and the profound potency of resonance. The artworks in this collection evoke images of intricate grids and cerebral lazes—patterns of thought, some so intense that they paralyze, while others liberate, propelling us towards action. These representations mirror the omnipresent dichotomy of confinement and freedom we wrestle with in our minds.

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All Our Faces

Sold out. Minted in Ethereum L2 and fully sold in 45 minutes, "All Our Faces," a generative art collection, coded using P5.js, explores the intricate layers of our experiences and personalities. It challenges the notion that we should limit ourselves to a single facade due to shame and lack of self-love. In truth, our past experiences, both positive and negative, shape our present reality. While certain aspects may bring pain, when viewed as a whole, we discover our inherent beauty, courage, and wholeness.

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Sold out. Live on June 20, 2023. A generative art collection, made with p5.js, illuminating the power of unity, renewal, and limitless potential. It explores the primal essence of geometry as the structural fabric of life, embodying a return to the essential, to the starting point, to basics.

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Where We Come From

Sold out.“Where We Come From” NFT is an animated digital painting and is part of the 23rd Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards® NFT Collection. 

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Sold out. In collaboration with @Kokako_Loon (twitter handle) and inspired by the chaos and imperfectly beautiful dynamics of parenting, 'Happenings' is the embodiment of the messiness, the unexpected and playful experiences that allow for the greatest depths of connection with our children. A collection of 222 unique NFTs.

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ApeStory | Freedom

Minting Now. This exhibition explores the intersection of art history and NFTs through a unique collaboration between 'Bored Ape Yacht Club', a prestigious NFT project, and the works of famous painters. Through this exhibition, we aim to explore the intersection between traditional art forms and the new technology NFT world. Kandinsky inspired.

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Minting Now. Curated by The Joy of NFTs Gallery in SuperRare, this work is inspired by the “Carnaval de Barranquilla,” one of the biggest Colombian fiestas promoting cultural expression and visibility of the Caribbean folklore.

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Lost Memories

Minting Now. ‘Lost Memories’ is an invitation to seek balance in a chaotic world, and to connect with the frequency, lost in our childhood, of our authenticity to find harmony and regulation of our emotional state. Featured artist at CADAF New York City 2022.   

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Sold out. This is a collection of 3 artworks, each piece reflects the courageous act of accepting our multidimensional nature and embracing all that is.

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Sold out. As an artist, Piet Mondrian's work has been a massive inspiration to me both visually and philosophically. It's an absolute honor to present 'Paths', a unique piece of art inspired by @BoredApeYC and Mondrian's use of primary colors, line work, and minimalism.

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Perfect and Easy

Sold out. Daily art practice inspired by Beeple.

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Minting Ended. This collection features two digital artworks, each serving as a portal to symbolism and metaphor, where art becomes the key to unlocking the untold. More details in the link below.

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Sold out. As the July 2023 Artist In Residence for Bright Moments gallery, Jimena Buena Vida created  “Epiphanies,” a generative art collection, made with P5.js, born from the introspective journey arising from the dynamic shifts of a post-pandemic world. This collection directly harnesses the power of art to seek clarity and joy while embracing the enigmatic nature of the unknown. With a reflective gaze, these creations delve into the fundamental aspects of existence, fostering a mindset that treasures purpose and cultivates curiosity, ultimately unlocking uncharted dimensions of choice and possibility.

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How Far We've Come

Sold out. “How Far We've Come" is an abstract artwork minted via Ethereum L2, that celebrates our resilience and growth. It invites us to embrace change, acknowledging the interconnectedness of our experiences. Through its simple composition and vibrant palette, the artwork reflects on the courage to let go, adapt, and appreciate the present moment. 

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TIMEPieces x Deepak Chopra

Sold out. Reinterpreting the cover of Deepak's book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" for its 25th Anniversary.

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Sold Out. Inspired by the simplicity and profound beauty of geometry, “Portals”, in 111 artworks, is the embodiment of femininity, self-love, humility, and acceptance as a doorway to lasting transformation.

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Thoughts In Motion 

Minting Now. This project beckons us to unlock the hidden potential within our minds, unraveling the captivating dance between our automatic negative thoughts and the audacious embrace of our true selves. A total 555 unique NFTs.

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Gabe Weis x Jimena

Sold out. Collaborations with dear artist Gabe Weis, celebrating the spirit of The Stoics.

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En Route

Minting Now. These work focuses on shadow work, delving deeply into the emotions, dreams, hopes, and fears that we often conceal within ourselves. Each piece is a visual representation of what lies within the depths of our unconscious minds and uses the power of circles and sacred geometry to symbolize totality, wholeness, and original perfection. 

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Editions By Jimena

Sold out. Under her own ERC 1155 smart contract, this work represents Jimena's exploration with form and color. 

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Shadow Work

Minting Now. Embracing our shadows is not about becoming perfect, but about accepting the complexity of who we are and finding wholeness within it. 

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Rise Above

This is my art contribution for the @NovoArtShow (@twitter handle) project. Donation to support owner of Punk3706.



Sold out. "Neonwoman" embodies the vibrant rebirth of Jimena's experiments through captivating colors and dynamic forms.

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