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Wholeness is not about perfection, but the integration of all parts of ourselves - the light and the shadows. And true wisdom comes from embracing and learning from both.

Reflection on Time and Trust

From the depths of darkness and despair,
I emerged, broken but brave, from the glare
Of a life consumed by burnout and stress,
I found the courage to heal and to address.

The wounds that time had left behind,
The scars of overworking, and a tired mind,
I learned to slow down, to trust and to rest,
To let go of control, and to give it my best.

And now I look back on the journey I've made,
On the lessons I've learned, and the price that I paid,
I see that time and trust are the keys to our health,
To finding balance and joy, and true wealth.

So let us reflect on the lessons of time,
And trust in ourselves, in our strength and our rhyme,
For it's in these moments of stillness and peace,
That we find our true purpose, and our inner release.

perfection < expression

Art is not about perfection. 

It is about expression.











Don't wait for anyone's permission; you really don't need it.

Humbly take action towards your own life's purpose.

Nothing Makes Sense

Consumed by rage, life's view she missed,

Beauty and joy her anger dismissed,

The decision to let go didn't make sense,

But she knew something beautiful would commence.

So she loosened her grip on the past,

And released the anger that didn't last,

With a heart now open, she could see,

All the wonder and possibility.


For in the act of letting go,

She found a peace she didn't know,

And though it seemed counter-intuitive at first,

Her heart now felt lighter, free from the worst.


Now she embraces life with gratitude and love,

Greeting each moment as a gift from above,

For she knows that in letting go of the rage,

She has opened herself up to a beautiful new stage.

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